Good post, Greg, thanks for writing! I’m glad I took the time to read an article with a title that, a few months ago, I would have written off as yet another climate disruption denial rant. I like how you end your piece:

Whether or not the pumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is ruining the planet for us, the profligate consumption of one’s resources with no thought to their renewal is difficult to square with a desire for a great country.

Because it’s not just CO2: There is SO MUCH toxic stuff going into our air, water, and land that cycles back into humans, animals, and plants. We’ve got to address all the chemical output in order to clean up our planet and bring it back to health.

Ever-evolving human into a better, more loving me, loving you. Favorite playgrounds: the stage, the page, the studio, Photoshop/ON1, and nature.

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